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Specialising in:
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Shake It
Your Professional Weight Loss Program

A professional, scientifically-proven program specifically designed for rapid and lasting fat loss.

Are you overweight?

Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “how did I end up here?”, or seeing your reflection and not recognising yourself? Maybe you would feel happier with yourself if you lost those last few kilos. You ore not alone; 55% of Australian and New Zealanders are overweight.

Obesity’s health consequences range from increased risk of
premature death to serious chronic conditions that reduce the overall quality of life.’
- The World Health Organisation

Weight loss - not the whole story

With so many products and weight loss systems in the market place how do you decide what Is right for you? As each person is uniquely different we believe it is best to seek qualified professional advice In order to gain long term results, It is important that you follow a weight loss program that suits you without adding further risks to your health and wellbeing. By seeking advice from your qualified Healthcare Professional you will better understand the whole picture of weight loss and be empowered with the right information to assist you In making the right decisions, not only for your immediate future, but for the rest of your life, What a great investment!

Shake It can help

Shake It is a professional weight loss program for you. The Shake It program, combined with the qualified support and advice from your Healfhcare Professional, Is the most effective fat loss program available. Shake It assists you to lose up to 2kg of fat per week whilst preserving your muscle mass. Most calorie- restricted diets produce disappointing results due to the excessive loss of muscle mass. The loss of muscle reduces your metabolic rate (ability to burn calories) and increases your likelihood of putting the fat back on (yo-yo dieting).

Make an appointment with your Healthcare Professional today to speak about commencing Shake It, therefore avoiding the damaging effects of yo-yo dieting. Gain long-term results and lasting knowledge on how to create the body that you want to see.

Five great reasons to start Shake It and start losing body fat today
  1. Looking good means feeling great. Excess body fat can affect your self-esteem.
  2. Losing fat may Improve energy levels. More energy means more you can get out of life!
  3. Shake It may help reduce your risk of chronic disease and poor health in the long term.
  4. Weight loss promotes healthy ageing. Fat loss Is like “life insurance”.
  5. Losing body fat Is an incredibly powerful experience with great personal reward.
The importance of the right advice and support

Your qualified Healthcare Professional is the best person to explain Shake It to you. They will complete an individual analysis of your body composition, help you to set goals, develop an exercise program and monitor your progress during your fat loss program. They can help you stay focused on your goal and journey as well as make It a fun experience.

Access the Shake It website for more

The Shake It website ( is a free source of additional support and Information, including:
  • Shake It recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Downloadable diary for you to track your progress
Your Healthcare Practitioner can also supply you with your own Shake It booklet which includes detailed dietary advice and a delicious recipe book in the back.

Shake It - Your Professional Weight Loss Program
  • The natural way to loose fat
  • Use your body's own metabolism to burn fat
  • Clinically proven
  • Requires no medication
  • Safe and easy to follow
  • Only available from your Healthcare Professional

Vitality, Longevity & Healthy Ageing
How we can help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing

How do I achieve Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing (VLA)?

Your Practitioner is one of a select group of Healthcare Professionals who have received extensive training in maximising healthy ageing and improving vitality, making them ideally suited to help you achieve your goals. Your Practitioner uses a scientifically validated test known as Biological Impedance Analysis (BIA), which assists them to design a program specifically for your needs. Nutritional supplements, exercise recommendations and dietary advice will be provided, giving your body the building blocks for maximum health and energy.

What is Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)?

BIA is a science that was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in a hospital setting. Your Practitioner will connect leads to your hands and feet and pass a low voltage electrical current through your body. This is safe and painless, and provides your Practitioner with insight into aspects of your health such as how much fat and muscle that you have in your body. BIA can also help your Practitioner to monitor your cellular health and energy levels.

Who wants more vitality?

Your Practitioner is the best person to advise you if this approach is appropriate for you. They will take into account your health and goals and design a program to maximise your energy and ensure that your body is ageing as healthily as possible. Call your Practitioner today to discuss if this is the best program for you.

People who may benefit from the vitality and healthy ageing program include those who want to:
  • Manage their weight more effectively
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
    • Improve energy levels
    • Age healthily
    • Support the nutrition and health of their cells
What will I receive?

Your Practitioner will assess your health, perform a quick BIA test and then design a strategy to improve key areas. They will also monitor your results over time, so that you can see how your health is improving. Your health is your greatest asset — discuss what you can do to optimise this with your Practitioner today.

How do I find out more?

If you want to take the next step to improving your health and wellbeing, talk to your Practitioner or their staff today. They can advise you about BIA and tell you more about how it can benefit you.


B. Nat.
Ad. Dip. App. Sc.
Fellow Member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association .
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